Third Party Administration

Workers’ Compensation Third-Party Administration

AmeriHealth Casualty Services* is a full-service third-party administrator (TPA), coordinating access to claims services, medical management, and provider networks exclusively to self-insured customers. We provide TPA services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Use our TPA services for:

  • Claims Management: We manage claims from beginning to end to ensure that all reported injuries are managed properly, quickly, and accurately — and claims dollars are spent wisely.
  • Medical Management: Our in-house medical director is available to conduct catastrophic case management, in-patient surgical precertification, and peer-to-peer review to lead to more positive outcomes. Our medical management team evaluates the appropriateness of treatment and develops a return-to-work program to cut-down on unnecessary expenses, such as paying for overtime and temporary help.
  • Provider Network: Our providers are chosen from our network of experienced physicians covering all specialties of occupational medicine. We negotiate discount rates that are significantly lower than the average rates typically paid for the service.
  • Bill Review & Re-pricing: Our medical bill review program identifies savings, helps reduce fraud, flags duplicate and unnecessary charges, and helps ensure accurate payment.
  • Loss Prevention: We help minimize risk and reduce workplace injuries using a consultative approach to identify loss trends and safety concerns. We develop and conduct injury-prevention training programs based on customers’ needs.

Want to know more about AmeriHealth Casualty Services? Call 1-800-297-2726.

* AmeriHealth Casualty Services is a d/b/a for CompServices, Inc. which provides third-party administration services.