Third Party Administration

Medical Management

Medical management is key in helping to minimize claims costs and helping injured employees obtain quality health care. What makes AmeriHealth Casualty different is that we have an in-house medical director available to conduct catastrophic case management, in-patient surgical pre-certification, and peer-to-peer review to lead to more positive outcomes.

Our medical management team evaluates the appropriateness of treatment and develops a return-to-work program to help cut-down on unnecessary expenses, such as paying for overtime and temporary help. Through comprehensive review and oversight, our case managers provide prompt, high-quality, and cost-effective medical services to encourage a quick recovery so your employees can return to work.

Our Case Managers Specialize in Workers’ Compensation

Although many insurance companies use medical case managers, ours are registered nurses who are staffed in-house and sit directly next to claims adjusters. What sets our case managers apart is that one is assigned to each lost-time claim. So if your employee is injured on the job and is unable to work, the case manager will oversee that employee’s entire course of treatment.

Our case managers are located in-house enabling them to:

  • work directly with the claimant and claims adjuster;
  • use a supportive approach to help diffuse frustrations and reduce costly litigation;
  • better determine the appropriate course of treatment;
  • more closely track the progress of a claim.

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