Third Party Administration

Integrated Disability Management

AmeriHealth Casualty Services integrates our short-term disability, workers’ compensation, and leave of absence coverage into one seamless program to help manage claims dollars wisely and prevent overlap from outside providers.

Customers can avoid the added expense of temporary workers, increased overtime, additional training, and lapses in customer service because our integrated disability management helps get employees back to work quickly.

Our Disability Claims Specialists Work Closely with Employers

Our integrated claims system tracks multiple types of benefits for claimants to prevent fund abuse, or “double dipping.” We aim for each claims specialist to only manage between 100-150 claims at a time, which allows them to give each claim the attention it deserves and turn around disability determinations quickly.

Our disability claims specialists stay in regular contact with our customers’ human resources departments to provide consistent communication and guidelines for employees. Plus, our state-of-art claims management system offers a comprehensive and user-friendly claims administration.

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