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E-Learning Modules

When it comes to encouraging worksite safety and preventing and reducing accidents and injuries, workers are an employer’s first line of defense. By cultivating a “safety-first” mindset on every worksite, all the time, you can engage workers in noticing, reporting, and correcting the hazards that can lead to injuries and accidents.

These interactive learning modules were designed to offer a fun, engaging way to keep safety top-of-mind. They are not intended for use as certification materials or to evaluate a worker’s qualifications — always consult appropriate state or local licensure agencies for those needs. And, always call 9-1-1 in case of emergencies.

For questions about our worksite safety modules, please call 215-587-1283.

Health care learning modules

Maintaining strict safety standards and injury-prevention protocols is the key to preventing and reducing accidents and injuries — especially in a health setting.

Cultivating an atmosphere of safety-mindedness will help your employees recognize and address the risks that threaten their safety.