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Provider Relations

Cost-effective Health Care Provider Networks

We help our customers and their employees find cost-effective, quality care through a network of health care professionals, pharmacists, and facilities. These providers are focused on helping employees return to gainful employment as soon as medically appropriate.

Save Money with Negotiated Discounts

We focus on saving money for employers by negotiating discounts with our network of medical professionals. The rates that we pay are significantly lower than the average rates typically paid for the service. Therefore, medical costs for the claims are much lower after discounts are applied. The costs can be cut up to 50 percent!

With Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, we've helped customers save money on:

You Can Trust the Medical Professionals in our Provider Network

We directly contract our own network of doctors and other health care professionals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, allowing convenient access for employees and more direct relationships with providers. We choose providers from our network of experienced workers’ compensation medical professionals, covering all specialties of occupational medicine. We also customize our physician panels for each employer based on geographic location.

In addition, you will have access to a network* of over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, including all major chains. Our pharmacy program includes 30-day prescription supply to be filled at no cost to the injured worker and mail order services at discounted rates.

Want to know more about AmeriHealth Casualty? Email us or call 1-800-335-5972.

* AmeriHealth Casualty is contracted with MyMatrixx, a pharmacy benefits manager, to administer the pharmacy program and to provide access to the MyMatrixx pharmacy network.