About Us

AmeriHealth Casualty has been successfully returning employees to work since 1992. We offer Workers’ Compensation insurance, life and disability insurance, third party claims administration, and integrated disability management.

The hallmark of AmeriHealth Casualty’s success is our outstanding claims management services and one of the largest networks of quality medical providers. Our goal is to control and reduce cost for employers without sacrificing the highest quality of medical treatment and care.

In addition, AmeriHealth Casualty offers easy-to-use, risk-management information systems that can report claims, track claim history, and generate numerous types of reports.

Currently, we are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland and offer our products and services through the Independent Agency system. Contact your agent to see if they offer AmeriHealth Casualty. If not, please feel free to contact our office, and we will find a partner agent for you.

Workers’ Compensation is not only about up front premiums. A carefully administered program will lower your claims frequency and severity, thereby providing lower rates and experience modifications.

AmeriHealth Casualty has offices in Philadelphia, CampHill, and Pittsburgh, PA and Mount Laurel, NJ.